Be a fountain, not a drain

What I appreciate more than anything in life, is being kind. Spreading good vibes. Comforting people. Giving more than you take. But also turning the other cheek. Even if some may say not fighting back is a sign of weakness, I would really want you to reconsider that. Stop the endless, hurtful circle of revenge, … Continue reading Be a fountain, not a drain


Thoughts on true love

When I was in high school, I was dreaming of that 'perfect' romance, the one people wrote songs and poetry about. The romance that would always have a happy ending, of course not refusing the guilty pleasure of a beautiful heartbreak that would culminate in ugly sobbing on the floor while the boy would call … Continue reading Thoughts on true love

Comparing to other people

One of the worst things you could do is compare yourself to other people. Because there will always be someone who you feel is more beautiful, smarter, who has more than you. And the human nature, as unconsciously prideful as it is, will then sulk, lose confidence and courage, and will probably forget to fight … Continue reading Comparing to other people

Breaking bad social habits

This year, I want my spring cleaning to have an effect on every aspect of my life. So one of the things that I want to change are the social habits that have a negative impact on my well-being. Thus, I've noticed I am sometimes talking too much. But there are also times when I … Continue reading Breaking bad social habits