Collecting summer mornings I wake up to the sound of chirping birds. The rustling leaves are creating the perfect atmosphere to fall back asleep, surrendering to the softness of warm sheets and lazy dreams. Only then, a tender breeze sneaks through the sheer curtains, invading my nostrils with that summer smell, a blend of roses and … Continue reading Collecting summer mornings


Butterflies Count the minutes that have passed Since you told me you loved me But I can't manage To catch a single one Because they are ripped Straight out of my throat, And I can't utter A single word. They dance To the rhythm of my heartbeat, Playing The tune of pure happiness That I … Continue reading Butterflies

This city is tainted

This city is tainted. Old sunsets trail behind New concrete fences, While two shadows dance The light away. This city is tainted. Wildflowers barely make it Through the rigid pavement, But they never stop trying, Because that's the way Feelings come back To the surface When you think they're gone forever. This city is tainted. … Continue reading This city is tainted