Learn when to rest

A flower doesn’t just bloom. It thrusts its way through soil, slowly, yet determined to see the sunlight. It pushes and pushes, but it never gives up. When it finally reaches to the surface, it doesn’t stop growing. It keeps on striving for better. But do you know what’s the most beautiful thing about flowers? When a flower forms its sprout, it doesn’t instantly bloom. It rests, letting sunlight coddle it for a few days. It doesn’t stress, thinking it is late, or it is not making any progress, or other flowers are doing better. It takes its time.

It’d more than okay if we did the same. If we didn’t become instantly panicked, not seeing any progress. If we didn’t compare our results with anyone else’s. If we only knew when to take a break… If we only knew that a pause is only temporary. Our time will come to bloom, and we will finaly see our dreams become beautiful bouquets of happy thoughts, confidence and effort.


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