Be a fountain, not a drain

What I appreciate more than anything in life, is being kind. Spreading good vibes. Comforting people. Giving more than you take. But also turning the other cheek. Even if some may say not fighting back is a sign of weakness, I would really want you to reconsider that. Stop the endless, hurtful circle of revenge, insults, gossip. Not fighting back is the strongest thing someone could do.

Try to see the good in people even if they give you every reason to poison your soul with hate. Don’t fall into the trap of the lies telling you it’s cool to hate on someone. It’s not cool to become a vicious, poisonous source of drama. Stop feeding your ego, you’ll become sour. Start cultivating kindness, even if is harder. It’s worth it; being kind is an overflowing source of happiness. You will feel like a ray of sunshine.

The goal I cling most to is to be able to live my life knowing I am a fountain, not a drain.



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