Comparing to other people

One of the worst things you could do is compare yourself to other people. Because there will always be someone who you feel is more beautiful, smarter, who has more than you. And the human nature, as unconsciously prideful as it is, will then sulk, lose confidence and courage, and will probably forget to fight harder for what they want. The thing is, comparing yourself, though an unhealthy habit, can sometimes be the best thing you could do. Here are some situations in which is totally acceptable to compare yourself to other people.

When you feel someone is smarter than you

One of the cases when you can compare to others without ruining your mood and your motivation, are those when you think about the people who you consider being smarter than you. In most of the cases, they are just more hardworking than you are, a quality you should always want to improve. You should want to do better, so stop waiting around and do everything that you got to do in order to improve yourself. Read that book, do that homework, stick to your goals, just start doing something you will thank yourself for in the future. Someone that does better than you shouldn’t make you give up, thinking you will never succeed. Be a little more ambitious. Use those people as role models. And try not to become envious and mean towards them, that’s just not okay.

When you meet someone who is kinder than you

Another situation when it’s completely fine for yourself to compare to other people is when those people are kinder than you are. There will always be easy to find kindness around you, even if we’re made to believe the world is a nasty place, and people only care about themselves. If you see acts of kindness, compare yourself to the people who do them. Would you have done that, were you in that situation? If not, shouldn’t you be trying to be kinder to those around you? Kindness is not a weakness, it’s power. If someone stops arguing, they are not weak, they’re strong. It’s easy to start a fight, harder to end it. It’s easy to only think about yourself, harder to keep spreading pieces of you around.

When you think someone is living their dream life

It’s also fine to compare to other people when they seem to always be happy with what they’re doing, when you feel like they’re living their best life. But be careful, that can be a double-edged sword. Because you don’t have to become jealous and think your life sucks while theirs is perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs. In those circumstances, it’s okay to compare to them regarding their capability to choose their perfect life. You shouldn’t want to be them. You should see their behaviour as an example for you to live the life you want. Accept the bad things, know that things will always work out, find out that everything happens for a reason. Receive with gratefulness what comes into your life, remove the toxic things.

Now, it’s never all right to compare to people who you think are more beautiful than you. There is no such thing, as what may seem beautiful to you, may not be to others. What is beauty, anyway? 

Also, never get jealous of what others people have. Material possessions never bring happiness, whatever you may feel. Be grateful for what you have right now, there are people out there who don’t even have drinking water.





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