Embrace spring

After a long winter, the spring is finally here. Or so it seems. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you live, but in my country, those last few days have been actually colder than those in January. However, that doesn’t make my excitement for spring fade. So I thought I could share a few ways to let spring back into your life, even if the weather doesn’t seem to help much.


Tidy your surroundings. Spring cleaning is not overrated. Spring cleaning makes you actually feel new beginnings around the corner. Having a clean space means having space to think clear and think new. So change your sheets, vacuum-clean everything and throw away things you don’t need anymore.

Redecorate. When I say “redecorate” I don’t mean going big. It can be as easy as buying some flowers and putting them in a nice vase. Just add some color.


Listen to new music. Make room for new things in your life. That can mean listening to new music to get you on your feet. You can even have a dance party all alone.

Read nice books. In the springtime, what I like to do is to pick easy reads that make me feel giddy and girly inside.

Be grateful. Another good thing to practice is gratefulness. Spring can act as the beginning in this case too, as it is associated with fresh starts. Name right now five things you are grateful for.


Go for a run. Or a walk. If you don’t like winter running, the crisp air of spring will sure float your boat. Help your body recover after a long winter and you will sure feel the winter blues fade away.

Eat fresh. I really enjoy eating light as soon as the sun starts to gain ground. Buy some vegetables and make yourself a salad.



4 thoughts on “Embrace spring

  1. I did spring would act like it’s here where I am. The weather keeps teasing us with spring and then suddenly going back to like 20 degrees. It’s ridiculous. Lol great article. It is about time for tidying up for me!


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