This city is tainted

This city is tainted.

Old sunsets trail behind

New concrete fences,

While two shadows dance

The light away.

This city is tainted.

Wildflowers barely make it

Through the rigid pavement,

But they never stop trying,

Because that’s the way

Feelings come back

To the surface

When you think they’re gone forever.

This city is tainted.

Trees don’t sway ’round here

As the wind can’t carry the weight

Of the lies you’ve been telling

Since the first time

The night seemed timeless.

This city is tainted.

I can’t breathe

Without feeling your perfume

Invade my thoughts,

Or choking on the smoke

You’ve been keeping

In your lungs.

Prison to my heart,

This city is tainted

Because it reminds me of you.


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