You built me a nest

You told me to bend my fingers

Into a fist

And keep there all the anger,

The sadness,

The frustration

That had been eating me alive

For some time.

Then you put your hand over mine,

You smiled

When you saw the tears in my eyes

And you said that you built me a nest,

So that my feelings stay safe

And I don’t have to worry about them anymore.

I wanted to let go

Because I’d found out

Feelings are best kept where you can see them

But then you told me,

A little bit hastily,

To never leave the nest

For it is my only safe haven

And the world is not big enough

To contain everything I feel.

When it dawned on me

That I’d love to stay

Inside that nest forever

And I finally got used to

Your warm hand

Keeping my mind in place,

You got distracted

And you let go.

That’s when I found out

What it’s like to hear every promise

Being shattered into crystal pieces,


On the exact same floor

That caught me a thousand times

When I collapsed crying

Until I thought I’d run dry.

I screamed my lungs out

Until my voice disappeared,

So I took every word I ever said to you

And put them on a crumbled paper

That I threw away.

And I felt better knowing

That words will always be just words

And that the human body

Is water

So there’s no chance I’d ever run dry.

I got tired of not moving

And I got up and kept walking

Until I fell off a cliff

But I wasn’t scared

As I knew I could fly

With my own wings

And I don’t need a nest

Because everyone knows

Birds are meant to fly.


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