Preface to my blogging journey

Many years ago, an extremely ordinary girl had an extremely urgent need to create something extraordinary, something that would speak when she couldn’t, something that would understand when no one would, something that would remember when she would forget. So she started to keep a diary, and the thoughts that otherwise didn’t make sense in her head began to come to life through her scribbled words on the pages. That girl was me. And that was the very first step I took in creating the person I am today.

For the very first post on my blog, it seems only fair to explain why I created it in the first place, and why I didn’t stick to writing in my diary, where I would be the only one who would read it.My reason is quite simple: I felt that this was the right time to let my voice be heard, even if it shakes; the right time to let my words help, inspire or just entertain others, even if it doesn’t make a change.

For me, this is the year when everything has to change, the year when I desperately need to get in touch with what I want to do.This is the year that I finally have to set myself free and act instead of just being a bystander. And what better way to start doing that if not by doing something that I really love to do? What better way to develop myself if not by making something else from scratch?

To be honest, I don’t really know what this blog is going to be about.All I know is that it’s going to be a reflection of what I feel, of what makes me sad or happy, of what I think. It could be a disorganized mess, but it also could be the mess you didn’t know you were looking for, the mess you need.

I don’t know where it’s going to go. I just know that these are the Cluttered thoughts of mine.


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